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Why only 5 characters?

We do not want people applying for ten characters at a time and only using four. However, this is only temporary. If the game begins to slow down a lot, we mods may up the character slots.

What if I get permission to God-mod?

This is be mildly accepted, but even then, do not go overboard. We do not need or want people complaining, especially if it does not involve their character.

Mun-A is being a jerk! What do I do?

Take it up with them. Do not spread unneeded drama. If talking to the person does not work, please Mod-Rav or Mod-Kuku know, and we will help sort things out.

I play my character as heterosexual / bisexual / lesbian / homosexual! My friend and I plan to do a relationship of the heterosexual / bisexual / lesbian / homosexual nature. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Players are not limited to what they want their character to have in a romantic sense. All pairings and sexualities are welcome! Just don't over do it. If your character is known as uptight and prudish be aware that they will not go prancing about like hard gay if they grow attracted to the same sex.

When my character arrives, do they have to wake up in the town square?

No. Since the source of what is bringing them is a playful and mischievous creature they can land anywhere in or around the city but the most common place is in the city square.

What about character death? Can I kill other characters?

Yes, you can without worry of of losing said character. They will return. Of course you will need the permission of the character's mun before doing so.

What are the affects after a character returns from being dead?

Like the description says. They will return in the exact state they were in when the first arrive at Elysia. This means any physical changed will be reversed as well such as a hair cut, any scars they may of received while in Elysia etc. It is as if they were plucked from the very point in time they arrived.

How long will it take a character to return from death?

Anywhere between a day and a month. If you are using this as an excuse for your character while you are on hiatus please inform a mod of how long you plan to be gone.

What if I miss an event with a memory I wanted returned? Will there be another chance to gain it?

Yes, we will have some events that will allow new comers to regain memories from events they may of missed.

Can I take a character that is already taken if they're from another point in time in their series?

No. This can get very confusing and is unfair to the people who claimed the character first.

Can I add a creature I've made to the bestiary?

Of course! Just check the bottom of the hunter's guide or the bestiary itself for details on how.

I have a memory return/even idea. May I share?

Of course you may. Though to keep it a surprise please contact a mod by aim or e-mail (matriacity@gamil.com).




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