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I | After applying for one character, you will not be able to send in another application for [ 3 days ]. This is to avoid flooding and in case someone else wants the character you are applying for. If you really want them you may reserve them for a week.

II | No original character's are being accepted. Since this is a multifandom game there are already plenty of character's out there to pick from.

III | Only two characters per same fandom. This rule may change if the character limit goes up but for now please try not to hog characters in a fandom.

IV | Do not cause drama. If there is a problem, you deal with it. However, if things become too out of control, ask a mod.

V | Do not God-mod. This pretty much the root of most drama. Unless you have permission from your partner, do not do it.

VI | STAY IN CHARACTER. This cannot be stressed enough. This is also another root of pointless drama. If someone is playing out of character and is called on it, that person will be given a personal warning from one of the mods. They will only be allowed [ TWO WARNINGS ]. Strike three will get them banned.

VII | Please type like a human being. No chat speak. Use correct spelling an grammar. If you're lazy use a spell-check.

VIII | Be nice to other players. We are all different in our own way and sometimes do not always agree - we cannot like everyone but we can be respectful. If you see or hear something you do not like, either avoid that person, tell them to cool it, or maybe you're just being too anal. Though if you truly feel you're being harassed then feel free to bring up the subject to a mod.

IX | For now you are only allowed five characters. So choose wisely.

X | Ratings can go from G to NC-17 but all NC-17 material is to befriends locked.

XI | Must be 15 or older to play as there will be some mature content in this game.




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