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Hunter's guide

Low Value


Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: Also harmless. They are a bit shy but become very outgoing when music is played.

Since they live all over both the city and the forest this creature isn't very valuable when captured. You can get a few bucks selling them as pets but most people just go and capture their own.

Hunting Tips::
- They are drawn to music. You can get a few to easily follow you home if you carry a radio..


Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: This creature does absolutely no harm to ...anyone. They simply enjoy treats and lovely sparkling items for their collections.

None. The treasures they steal may be worth a few bucks but only when they're the Wuggles of an expensive house hold or a jewelery store.

Hunting Tips:
- Find their nest and help yourself. They're harmless and wont put up much of a fight aside from bitting when they feel trapped.
- Aim for rich neighborhoods.

[ YOMA ]

Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: Aside from the affects on their victims vision they do not cause harm or pain.

This creature weaves silk that can fetch a pretty decent price.

Hunting Tips:
- It's a small bug. Bring a jar and just remember to leave very small holes in the top.

Mid Value


Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: This creature is absolutely harmless. They simply enjoy intelligent conversation and a good story.

Books and scrolls -Some of the older Fables have vast collections of books and scrolls and some are worth a heft price.
Fur - Some places will pay top dollar for this rare fur. The fact that is is illegal to harm this creature only makes it more valuable.
Captured alive - They make great companions. Negotiating a wild Fable into living a domestic life can earn you a fair price from a pet store. Though domesticating a fable isn't a difficult task so many pet store owners often go out and do this themselves.

Hunting Tips:
- For books and scrolls it is best to befriend the Fable first. They are intelligent creatures and hide their treasures well. Brute force is not a recommended bargaining tool. They only share their most prised possessions with those they treasure just as much.
- For fur the least brutal means of killing are recommended so as not to damage the pelt.
- For capture simple explanation and promises of knowledge and new sites will easily persuade this creature.


Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: Though they do attack, they do not cause any deadly harm and only attack when provoked.

Feathers - they make for great quills, for those who like to write classically.


Wings - the powder left behind makes for the best make-up and perhaps potions.
Beak - Considering this part of the body is the hardest, it is used for science and medic. They make exquisite needles. However, it is best to clean them before use, as their may be bits of memory left inside.

Hunting Tips:
- Just basic hunting skills will help you catch this creature. Though, it is almost pointless to kill these birds.

To make it change:
- Harass. By default, the Filch are calm creatures and usually do not mind some human interaction, however if harassed for long periods of time, they will become violent and change into their more valuable form.
- Don't wear perfume. They wont come near you if you do.
- Whistling tends to aggravate them and draw them in for an easy capture.

- Since this looks like a typical bug, if you can stay calm long enough and are willing to lose a little memory, you can easily trap it in a jar or smack it.


Threat Level: ★★☆
Medium: The Mischiefs themselves are fairly harmless though they can get pretty carried away with their pranks.

Silk - Like Yoma's they are also make silk but their silk comes at a higher price for their camouflaging properties.
Wings - Though they look just like leaves their wings actually hold some of their concealing magic as well. They also work well in spells.

Hunting Tips:
- Nutmeg is a good method for drawing one out of hiding. They hate the scent and will try to dispose of it or get away from it.
- They're small so a jar or small cage should hold them just fine. Just keep an eye on them. They will try to escape. Make sure they don't attach any of their silk strings to anything. They will use anything to attack you.


Threat Level: ★★★
High: This creature is very aggressive and will attack anything that drifts close enough to it.

Eyes - Good for spells they also make for a fine piece of jewelery when encased in class. Just be sure not to damage it. They are much harder than normal eyes but can still be damaged if handled roughly.
Skin - Their skin can still merge into shadows even after the creature is dead. Though it's very thin skin and damages easily even after it's made into clothes so it's not in very high demand.

Hunting Tips:
-A thick wooden box is the suggested container for this pray. The darker the containment the better for it's skin.
-Get them out of their shadow and into the light. It'll make them panic and focus more on trying to get out of the light than on killing you.

High Value


Threat Level: ★★★
High: Diva is a creature of pray and does not discriminate. Best chance of survival is avoidance.

Flowers - the many flowers this creature creates are very valuable in the fact that all of them are one of a kind. They also stick around for quite a while.
Oils - When you kill Diva & Her Garden, it is best to gather up as much as the blood as you can, as this clear, thick liquid is actually oil. It can be used to make some of the finest perfume and is rather rare.

Hunting Tips:
- Since this is a dangerous creature, it's almost best to not go hunting for it. However, if you must: Insults cause the creature to forget about seduction. Rather than going for the plant-life itself, it is recommended that you go for the succubus.


Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: They do not physically harm their enchanted pray.

This creature itself is valuable, so just getting a picture of it will be worth something.

Hunting Tips:


Threat Level: ★★★
High: This creature is highly aggressive and will grow even more deadly if it's territory is invaded.

Hide - The scales on a Hydra's body made to go through harsh treatment, thus are tough and perfect for armor and sword sheath.
Claws - Like the scales, these are extremely tough. They can be used for all sorts of things: weapons, jewelry, decoration, etc.
Heart - Great for spells and a very healthy as well as filling snack.

Hunting Tips:
- Unless you're after a head, it is recommended you do not hunt this creature.
- If you're not after a head. Try when it's sleeping.
- Having a spell caster with you is very helpful. Due to it's tough scales weapons tend to anger it rather than hurt it.

[ JINX ]

Threat Level: ★★★
High: This creature is very territorial and considers anyone or anything that enters it's land to be fair game.

Pelt - Despite the Jinx's lifestyle, their coats are extremely soft and very valuable. If you manage to outsmart, kill, and skin one, you're bound to get a nice pocketful of money. And if you don't want to sell it, fashion it into a coat and give it to your worse enemy! Since Jinxes are a sign of bad luck, their pelt, even when detached from the body, is still riddled with curses.
Tongues - Though the thought doesn't sound appetizing, their tongues actually make a fine, tasty dish. Not only that, but they can also be used as binding spells.

Hunting Tips:
- In the highly unlikely event you see one away from the pack, you can lure it in with oil from Diva & Her Garden. However, if you're going to try and outsmart one, it is very recommended that you travel in a group yourself. And if that is not in your plans, then the best way to approach one is to not to. Just carry a weapon that can attack from a distance, and make sure you don't get surrounded by the pack!


Threat Level: ★★☆
Medium: Merhags aren't overly aggressive but if their pride is hurt they can become very dangerous.

Hide - their skin is leathery, thus makes for perfect armor.
Eggs - if you manage to nab a Merhag that is pregnant, the eggs inside her belly can be used for exquisite meals.

Hunting Tips:
- Since they are so rare, it is illegal to hunt these creatures down. Not many have done so, so there are no tips for now.


Threat Level: ★☆☆
Low: This creature does absolutely no harm to its victim, just plays with them psychologically.

This creature itself is valuable, so if you manage to nab it, you'll get a lot of money!

Hunting Tips:
-If you manage to have an Otherside in water, the best way to catch it is by freezing it. Trapping it in a jar is impossible; once its oxygen is cut off, it will slow go out and die, much like a flame.


Threat Level: ★★☆
Medium: Stone cats are fairly lazy and tend to only attack if confronted or for food.

Pelts - Like the Mischief's silk their pelts have camouflaging abilities and is a much tougher material than silk.

Hunting Tips:
-Stone Cats can be killed through normal means.
- Clicking and jingling noises (Such as bells, keys, coins, etc.) tend to stun them if you are looking for a live capture.

Interested in making a beast of your own? We'd gladly take any suggestions!

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